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Longevity Recipe

Longevity Recipe

Longevity Recipe: 10 Servings of Veggies, Fruits

If you want to add years to your life, 10 daily servings of fruits and vegetables may be the best recipe you can follow, a new analysis suggests.The benefits appear to come through lower rates of heart attack, stroke, cancer and early death.

Calorie Restriction

Calorie Restriction Should I restrict calories for longevity? – Harvard Health Q. Is there anything to the idea that calorie restriction is good for health, and will that ever translate to a medication? A. It is true that many animals live longer (and healthier) if the calories they eat are restricted to some degree. Continue Reading

Artificial Intelligence Will Find The Solution To Aging by 2033

Artificial Intelligence Will Find The Solution To Aging by 2033 Researchers say that they are on the verge of cracking the aging code. They also say that death caused by aging may become obsolete by 2033 if artificial intelligence gets involved. Scientists from the Maximum Life Foundation believe that the combination of two fields of… Continue Reading

Play Tennis Live Longer

Play Tennis Live Longer For a life of longevity, consider picking up a tennis racket You probably know that exercise is good for you, but do you know whether you’re better off riding a bike or swimming laps in the pool? Actually, if you want to get the biggest bang for your exercise buck, you… Continue Reading

Force of Bite

Force of Bite Force of bite may predict a person’s longevity | Fox News The force of a man’s bite at age 70 may be a marker of his longevity, says a study in the Journal of Oral Rehabilitation. The risk of dying before reaching their mid-80s was 84% higher in men with a weaker… Continue Reading

Japanese Women Lose Longevity Crown

Japanese Women Lose Longevity Crown Japanese women lose longevity crown to Hong Kongers | The Japan Times Japan’s women relinquished the top spot for average life expectancy in 2015 to Hong Kong, the new leader at 87.32 years, data released by the welfare ministry showed Wednesday. Japanese women now have an average life expectancy of… Continue Reading

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